West Sussex Learning Links

Learning Links was set up in 1997 for the benefit of adults with learning disabilities who live in West Sussex. We call the adults that we work with ‘students’ and our aim is to find them ‘buddies’ to help them to enjoy taking part in social activities and adult education courses in the wider community.

What our ‘buddies’ say:

What our ‘students’ say:

“Marilyn is very talented indeed. She enjoys all the aspects of class including the refreshments which is great, you do a wonderful job. I wish you could see the pleasure and sense of pride your hard work gives.”

‘Without their (WSLL) help or support, I know for sure that I wouldn’t feel confident enough, in myself, to go on the courses in which I have been participating.’

“I am so pleased to see that Emma’s finally gaining the confidence to do her own take on an exercise if she’s finding she’s unable to do whatever the teacher’s telling everyone to do – even if it’s just marching on the spot. It really made my day to see that a couple of weeks ago.”

“I have gained a lot more confidence by going out with Theresa and I have also started cooking proper meals at home. She gives me advice and I trust her.”

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