Learning Links was set up in 1997 for the benefit of adults with learning disabilities who live in West Sussex. We call the adults with whom we work our ‘students’.


We run social activities and workshops for our students on a group basis.

Our aim is to improve their social self-confidence and their

sense of inclusion in the local community.


For more than 20 years until the end of 2018 our main focus was to pair students with volunteer "buddies", so as to enable them to participate in a range of social activities, workshops and adult education courses. This was achieved with the dedicated support of a small team of part-time employees as well as a large number of volunteers, utilising also our own premises.


With effect from the start of 2019 the project has had to be scaled back, essentially because of difficulties raising sufficient funding to deliver the full breadth of what we  previously did. We no longer have any employees, nor do we have our own premises. However, the spirit of Learning Links lives on, and we retain an enthusiastic group of volunteers to continue working with our students.  

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